Officers – Midlesburg 221

Officers for 2019/2020 (25/03/19)
Thrice Illustrious Master Ill  Comp Phillip Clive Ellenor PGCaptG
 Deputy Master Comp Adrian Allen
 Principal Conductor of the Work  Comp Kenneth Pitchford
Chaplain Ill  Comp John Henzell Hemy PGCondC
Treasurer Ill  Comp David Alderson PGCaptGd PDistGPCW
Recorder Ill  Comp Geoffrey Mankin PGStdB
Director of Ceremonies Ill  Comp David Philip Coupe PAGDC
Captain of the Guard  Comp David Arthur Chance
Conductor of the Council  Comp Stanley George Grisedale
Assistant Director of Ceremonies Ill  Comp Paul Edwin Cowley PGSwdB PDistGLect
Steward  Comp Ian Barry Gregson
Manciple  Comp Alex Graham Robinson
Manciple  Comp Clive Copley
Sentinel Ill  Comp Charles Joel-Chilton PGStdB PDistGLect