Death of John Edwin Pearson PGSwdB

Ill Comp John died on Saturday 24th November 2018 following a long illness.

He was admitted into William Henry Bound 186 on 19/07/1999, a Founder of Midlesburg 221 (09/11/1999), a Founder of Leodis 253 in West Yorkshire (16/09/2004), a Founder of
Howden 273 (30/10/2007), a Founder of Yorkshire Council of IM 289 in West Yorkshire (11/05/2009), joined White Rose 17 in West Yorkshire (14/06/2014), a Founder of Saddleworth 323 in West Yorkshire (28/07/2015) and a Founder of Wm Wilberforce 334 (31/01/2017).